The idea is to generate traffic to local websites. When someone comes to a local website, they will see other local websites ads. People that may not know that you have a website, will see your ads, and may think:

“Hey! [your organization] has a website! I didn’t know that, lets see what they have.”

  1. Membership as low as $33.33 a month.
    • One month free trial.
    • Monthly $39.99, or save with a yearly plan for $399.99.
    • Cancel at any time, no contracts.
  2. You agree to let us place local ads on your webpage.
    • We will give you a snippet of code to give to your web designer to place on your page.
    • If we are your web designer, we will place it for you.
    • Minimum of 2 ads and 50,000px (pixels), if you use 468×60 ads, 2 are 56,160px, which satisfies both, but if you use 125×125 ads, you need 4 of them, which equals 62,500px.
  3. We place your ads on other members webpages.
    • We can place your ads, or make ads for you.
    • You get 1 free set of static ads with a year subscription.
    • Ask us about our animated flash ads.

banner_ad_templateThis is our ad template, you can take this to your graphic artist to make ads, or we can make them for you for $75 for a set of ads using your artwork and text.

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